Diploma in Psychology

Unlock the mysteries of the human mind and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our captivating Diploma in Psychology course

The program encompasses the essential aspects of the diverse field of Psychology, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for a broad spectrum of career opportunities.

The Diploma of Psychology introduces a diverse curriculum encompassing statistical modeling, psychology, and human behavior, with a particular emphasis on clinical neuroscience. It also delves into areas such as the psychology of culture, global citizenship, human relationships, and even human-animal interactions.

This program serves as a foundational step towards careers dedicated to providing emotional and psychological support. It also opens doors to fields like social planning and corporate resource management. Students will gain insights into human behavior, neuroscience, brain structure, and effective professional communication within the realm of psychology. Additionally, they will explore how global events impact individuals and societies, fostering critical discussions and avenues for recovery.”


Duration of Study:
2 Years (4 Semesters)

Mode of Teaching:
Face to Face


Entry Requirement:
Cambridge O’Level (at least 3 Credits) or equivalent

Rs 7500 per month (24 Months)

Diploma Awarded by SEGi Colleges of Malaysia

Programme Modules (Year 1)

Year 1


•Applied Digital Skills
•General Psychology
•Inclusion in Early Childhood


•Lifespan Development
•Human Resource Management & Introduction to Marketing
•Motivation, Emotions and Learning
•Social and Cognitive Psychology

Programme Modules (Year 2)

Year 2

•Positive Psychology & Personality
•Introduction to Criminology, Behavior & Bran
•Educational Psychology
•Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

•Abnormal Psychology
•Issue and Ethics in the Helping Profession
•Principles of Counselling
•Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Career Opportunities:

Pursue career options as a psychologist or consultant in rehabilitation centers or in the area of social service. Alternatively, you can pursue employment in the fields of education & training, consultancy, sales and marketing, human resource and marketing research.