Diploma in Digital Marketing

Elevate your career with our Diploma in Digital Marketing – where innovation meets opportunity

This program addresses the demands of modern marketing, benefiting both students and working adults, offering a comprehensive approach to enhance their proficiency in executing digital marketing strategies and gaining a competitive edge.

This program is designed to empower the new generation with the essential industry knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of becoming successful global entrepreneurs. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical exposure, students will acquire invaluable experience and knowledge, preparing them to confidently step onto the global stage.

Our commitment lies in offering graduates the finest opportunities to enrich their understanding of digital marketing and business. With a focus on equipping students with real-world insights and hands-on experience, we aim to nurture individuals who are not just job-ready but also poised to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and business. This program serves as a gateway to a brighter, more informed future, where graduates are equipped to make a meaningful impact in the global business arena.


Duration of Study:
2 Years (4 Semesters)

Mode of Teaching:
Face to Face


Entry Requirement:
Cambridge O’Level (at least 3 Credits) or equivalent

Rs 30,000 (Annual Registration Fee)
Rs 7500 per month (24 Months)

Diploma Awarded by SEGi Colleges of Malaysia

Programme Modules (Year 1)

Year 1


•Introduction to Business & Principles of Management
•Introduction to Digital Marketing
•Consumar Behavior
•Introduction to Advertising


•Business and Company Law
•Principles of Economics
•Financial Accounting
•Social Media Marketing

Programme Modules (Year 2)

Year 2

•Business Data Analytic
•Digital and Service Marketing
•Search Engine Optimisation
•Digital Personal Selling

•Introduction to Finance & Marketing
•Digital Marketing Research & International Marketing
•Co-curriculum Management

Career Opportunities:

As graduates, you will have vast career opportunities to choose from, such as: Digital Marketing Executive, Content Marketing Developer, Branding Specialist, Social Media Executive, Media Content Strategist and many more career opportunities. This programme is also a pathway to a degree programme.